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Nature reserve of popenguine

General characteristics
The 1,009 ha wide Nature Reserve of Popenguine (RNP) was founded in 1986 towards restoring this ecosystem of savanna and degraded cliffs. Located on the smaller coast at about 60 km South of Dakar, the Reserve covers a maritime fringe about ½ nautical mile wide.

Objectives in the reserve’s creation
Restoring the habitat degraded by human action and successive droughts.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
The Reserve is composed of two different settings of natural ecosystem: a continental part covered by a Sudano-Sahelian savanna with a rugged landform constituted by a band of hills dominated by a cliff of calcareous standstone standing at 74 m of altitude and extending to the Ocean of deep rockbeds where many fishery species reproduce.

Main species
The marine biodiversity in the Reserve is not well documented. However, the land part is home for a few mammals and populations of migratory and local birds such as the turtle dove (Streptopelia sp.), rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) and the rare bluebird (Monticola solitarius) that regularly flocks to a small temporary lagoon that is the only water point of the Reserve.

Cultural values and economic activities
Presence of sacred and cultural sites at the outskirts of the Reserve, notably the Notre de la Delivrance sanctuary in Popenguine, and a few sacred woods around the villages. The main economic activities are ecotourism, traditional fishing and the sales of craft products. A particular pattern of the Reserve is the active and benevolent participation of riparian populations, especially women, in the restoration and beneficiation efforts.

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