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Community mpa of bamboung

General characteristics
Created in 2004, the Community Marine Protected Area (CMPA) of Bamboung stretches over some 7,000 ha and lies in the southern part of the Saloum Delta. The diversity and richness of the ecosystems of the basin of the Saloum Delta is one of the central areas of the Saloum Delta Biosphere Reserve after the Saloum Delta National Park and the Community Reserve of Palmarin. This MPA is one of the first community-managed MPAs in the sub region.

Objectives of the MPA creation
Fostering a sustainable management of the fishery resources and preserving the biological diversity of the BBSD by creating several central areas.

Main species
This MPA hosts a big number of species, notably animal species. About 51 fish species are present in the MPA. During its juvenile phase, the endangered bronze-coloured grouper or Thiof (Epinephelus aenus), emblematic fish of Senegal comes to drink from the fresh water resurgences on the banks of the Coco Island. The land habitats are key places for many bird species (Goliath heron, grey pelican, greater flamengos, kingfisher…). Many species of land mammals such as the bushbuck, the spotted hyena, monkeys, warthogs, etc. converge to the areas of shrubby savanna.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
The CMPA is mainly composed of mangroves and bolongs that are places of reproduction, growth and refuge for coastal and marine species. It also hosts fresh water sources serving as watering points for manatees.

Cultural values and economic activities
The site is marked by shell mounds that are indicative of meeting and exchange areas for ancient societies some 4 to 6 centuries ago. There is notably the Diorom bu mag, one of the most important shell mound containing more than a hundred of tumulus (shell middens containing the remains of many dead people). The main economic activities are ecotrourism, traditional fishing and the processing of fishery resources, oysters, fish and shellfish).

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