Accueil MPA of Niamone Kalounayes
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MPA of Niamone Kalounayes

General characteristics

The Marine Protected Area of Niamone - Kalounayes created on the 04th of November 2015 is located in the maritime, river and estuarine outbuildings of the region of Ziguinchor. It is the head of the three municipalities of the district of Tenghory.

It is bounded on the north by the village of Djiringoumane, adjoining the Kalounayes classified forest on the west, on the east by the Soungrougrou river within the boundaries of the commune of OUNCK, to the west by the Bignona backwater until the Affiniam dam (Manghagouleuck Commune) and to the south by the Casamance river in the communes of Coubalan and Niamone until the Bignona backwater.

With an area of 66032 ha, the MPA is concerned by a number of 47022 Habitants composed mainly of ethnic communities such as Diolas, Mandingo, Peulhs, Bainuk, Balante etc...

Objective of the creation

Contribute to the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity, and especially of certain entities that constitute stumbling blocks for the regeneration and development of fisheries resources in order to promote the economic and social development of local communities.

Representative habitats and ecosystems

The Niamone Kalounayes MPA contains important ecosystems such as the Mangrove, the Bignona’s backwater, the Baghagha’sbackwater, the Affiniam’s backwater, Casamance River, Tabor’s backwater and the Soungrougrou.

Main species

The MPA contains species such as mangroves, forests, Buhanie’s Island, grassy savannah, tannes, mudflats, etc ... (See land cover map).

Cultural values and economic activities

Cultural values and beliefs occupy a strong place in that community: 72 sites are listed:totema, customary management of natural resources, the "fambondi" and the "kankourang". The local populations live mainly from fishing, rice farming, exploitation of NTFPs, breeding, oyster farming.

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