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Kayar mpa

General characteristics
Createed in 2004, the Kayar MPA stretches over 171 square km and is named after the small coastal city located 60 km north of Dakar (Capital of Senegal). It is entirely composed of maritime appurtenances of the Commune and the sea-floor trench of Kayar.

Objectives of the MPA creation
Preserving the diversity of fishery resources and biotopes of the sea-floor trench of Kayar.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
The sea-floor trench of the Kayar MPA mainly hosts a mosaic of rocky biotopes.

Main species
The Kayar MPA is characterised by a huge wealth in biodiversity; it is a major site for the reproduction, nursery and concentration of demersal coastal species. Most of the emblematic and endangered species noted in the Senegalese waters are present there.

Cultural values and economic activities
Fishing is the main economic driving force; it mobilises almost 80% of the active population and is at the basis of many economic value chains. The Kayar MPA is for the local populations a natural heritage to which they are jealously attached. This dedication materializes in recurrent conflicts between indigenous and foreign fishermen.

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