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Joal-Fadiouth MPA

General characteristics
Lying on the Small Coast, the Marine Protected Area of Joal-Fadiouth (AMPJF) is located at 144 km from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It was founded in 2004 and stretches over 17,400 ha. It represents a space protecting migratory species such as the sea turtle and hosts many sites of shell mounds.

Objectives of the MPA creation
Conservation of the biodiversity and enhancement of the fishing yields and the socioeconomic spinoffs for local populations.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
AMPJF boasts a rich ecosystem; it’s about a succession of marine, coastal, estuarine, lagoon and savanna (the Botanic reserve of Ngazobil) settings. The MPA hosts various and varied habitats including seagrasses, sand beaches, mangroves, bolongs, sandy and rocky islets.

Main species
The MPA is a key site for the reproduction and growth of many fish species, but also a reproduction, feeding and egg-laying site for the green sea turtle. Dolphins and manatees are also present in the area.

Cultural values and economic activities
Native city of former President Leopold Sedar Senghor, Joal-Fadiouth represents, at the heart of the Sereer culture, the Land of Great Men with totems and a common cemetary for both Moslems and Christians. The populations live of fishing, fishery products processing, trade, tourism, and road transportation

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