Sierra Leone

Official name: Republic of Sierra Leone
Regime: Republic 

Geographical data
Surface area: 71,740 square km
Capital city: Freetown
Main cities: Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Port Loko
Official langage (s): English
Current language (s): Krio, Mende, Temme
Currency: Leone
Independence Day: 27 April

Démographic data
Population: 5.7 million inhabitants in 2014 (CIA Factbook)
Population growth: 2.3 % in 2014 (CIA Facatbook) 

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Sierra-Leone is a West African country sharing its borders with Guinea (North – West) and Liberia (South). It is bordered in the South-West by the Atlantic Ocean. It is located between 8°30’ North latitude and 11°30’ West longitude. The hot and humid tropical climate prevailing in the area is marked by a rainy season with some abundant rainfall.

The country’s sea frontage stretches about 510 km. The continental plateau is 100 km long off the northern coast and drops down to 13 km in the south, at the border with Liberia. It stretches over a surface area of 30,000 square km. The coast is characterized by a wide flora of mangroves, mainly of the Rhizophora species, and a big number of estuaries and rivers navigable on a short distance. The 200 nautic miles EEZ stretches over 157,700 square km.


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