Guinea Bissau

Official name: Republic of Guinea Bissau
Regime: Parliamentary regime 

Geographical data
Surface area: 36,125 square km
Capital city: Bissau
Main cities: Bafata, Gabu, Cacheu
Official langage (s): Portuguese
Current language (s): Krio, French, Balante
Currency: CFA franc
Independence Day: 24 September

Démographic data
Population: 1.7 million inhabitants in 2014 (CIA Factbook)
Population growth: 1.9 % in 2014 (CIA Factbook) 

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Located in West Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, limited in the North by Senegal, in the East and in the South by the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of Guinea Bissau has a coast of about 270 km, with a dozen of estuaries and a large archipelago dubbed Bijagos Islands comprising 80 iles and islets. The mangrove is very developed in the area and covers 3,400 square km, representing 10% of the national territory (1st at world ranking).

The territorial waters stretch up to the external limits of this archipelago marking the base line beyond which is an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) stretching over 200 miles and 105,000 square km. The continental plateau of Guinea Bissau covers 45,000 square km, which is the second largest in the sub region. This geographic configuration and the humid tropical climate offer conditions for a major fishery production potential dominated by demersal species (fish, shrimps, cephalopods) and small coastal pelagics (Ethmalosa fimbriata and round sardinella).

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