Cape Verde

Official name: Republic of Cape Verde
Regime: Republic

Geographical data
Surface area: 4,033 square km
Capital city: Praia
Main cities: Praia, Mindelo, Assomada
Official langage (s): Portuguese
Current language (s): Portuguese, Creole
Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo (€1 = 108.86 Escudos)
Independence Day: 5 July (independence proclaimed in 1975)

Démographic data
Population: 538,535 inhabitants in 2014 (CIA Factbook)
Population growth: 1.4 % in 2014 (CIA Factbook)

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The Cape Verdean archipelago is composed of ten islands (Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal and Boavista, Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava) nine of which are inhabited. The islands and islets forming the Republic of Cape Verde are located off the northern coasts of Senegal, between 570 and 880 km depending on the islands.

Cape Verde is located between 13°23’ and 17°12’ North latitude and between 22°40’ and 25°22’ West longitude. It is characterized by a dry but pleasant weather thanks to the tropical easterlies, with temperatures standing around 24°C, and a low thermal variations.

THE MPA (Marine Protected Areas)

MPA Documentation

Name Version Action
Décret n°3 /2003Lei APsCaboVerde
Proposta do plano de gestão da reserva natural marinha de santa luzia, ilhéus branco e raso
Décret santaluzia
Décret n° 40 2003 creation de lAP de Santa Luzia
Décret BO Santa Luzia reserva parcial

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