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Wildlife sanctuary of the loos islands

General characteristics
Composed of three ilets (Cabri, Blanche and Coraille), the wildlife sanctuary of the Loos islands is a wetland lying off Conakry, capital city of the Republic of Guinea, over 13 ha, 15 ha of which are emerged. This site was officially designated a wildlife sanctuary and placed on the Ramsar list as a wetland of international relevance in 1992.

Objectives of the creation
The wiildlife sanctuary of the Loos Islands has been founded to protect sea turtles and their reproduction in the Cabri islet, preserve the readaptation to wildlife for the chimpanzes that had been held in captivity in the Blanche islet, and preserve the natural restocking with some water bird species formerly living in the Coraille islet.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
This wetland presents a diversity of habitats composed of coral reefs and marine, insular, coastal and land ecosystems.

Main species
The wetland of the Loos Islands hosts a landmark biological diversity. Key species of this site are green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and olive ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea), sharks, dolphins and various bird and fish species.

Cultutal values and economic activities
Owing to the huge wood idols, the Loos Islands, formerly named Kaloum Islands, were baptised Idos dos Ydolos or Idol Islands. The Loos Islands were, around the 14th and 15th centuries, the centre of initiation, education and training for the youth of this kingdom in its future life obligations. Historically, owing to its geographic location, these islands served, during the Portuguese occupation, as a centre gathering slaves en route for the Americas during the slave trade. A few cultural sites such as the Fotoba prison are still in the site. The three islets (Cabri, Blanche and Coraille) are not inhabited. However, the outlying islets of Kassa, Tama and Rhome are inhabited by several local and foreign ethnic groups. Traditional fishing is the main economic activity in this site, followed by agriculture, livestock farming, trade, craftsmanship and tourism.

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