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Natural reserve of tristao islands

General characteristics
Located in the North-West of the Maritime Guinea region, the Complex of the Tristao Islands was designated Community Marine Protected Area (CMPA) in 2008, with the land space stretching over 85,000 ha, while the maritime space is yet to be delianated. The Tristao Islands are marked by expanses of sandbanks, mud, rocks, estuaries and mangrove forests. The Tristao Islands have been registered on the list of wetlands of international relevance of the Ramsar Convention since 1992.

Objectives of the creation
The creation of this MPA was aimed at contributing to the protection and conservation of the biologiocal and sociocultural diversity of the Tristao Island Complex in a financial and technical sustainability that improves the populations’ living conditions, through a participatory management of stakeholders, to the benefit of the current and future generations.

Main species
This MPA provides home for a high number of species, notably sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, crocodiles and a few shark species.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
The Tristao CMPA is mainly composed of mangroves, continental forests, mudflats, sandbanks, and savannas. The representative ecosystems are marine, insular, terrestrial/coastal areas and bedrocks.

Cultural values and economic activities
The CMPA hosts several sites of sacred forests and masks upkept by the indigenous Nalous and Balant communities for several hundred years. The main economic activities are agriculture, fishing, fish smoking, palm oil production, salt extraction, livestock breeding, shells collection, trade and craftsmanship.

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