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Who can be member of the network?

RAMPAO is composed of two types of members: full-fledged members and associate members.

Full-fledged membres

Marine Protected Areas are full-fledged members. Are considered as full-fledged members the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) with territories composed of a marine area and possibly an adjoining coastal space and the main vocation of which is to protect the marine and coastal ecosystems. These marine protected areas must comply with all the following criteria:

  • Belonging to the West African marine and coastal ecoregion ;
  • Presenting a significant ecological importance ;
  • Being officially recognised and having geographical boundaries and management objectives. For community MPAs, such a recognition can be in the form of a decision of decentralised or customary local authorities;
  • Having an operational and functional management structure;
  • Having at least a management and/or development plan or a multi-year activity plan adopted or being finalized.

In the Community MPAs having a participatory management structure, the Chairman of the Management Committee (who represents the Committee and corporate entities within the community) and the Conservation Officer should adopt a common position and only have a single voice in the decisions to be undertaken during General Assemblies. In the MPAs or national parks that do not have a legal personality and which are managed by the Central administration, the Conservation Officer represents the MPA within the Network.

Associate member

The Network’s Statutes define associate members as Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations interested in the issue, research experts, State representatives, donors or projects or any individual or organization interested in the implementation of the Network’s actions.

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